Mushroom soup

Potatoes 2-3 pcs
Onion 1 pc
Carrot 1 pc
Chicken fillet 1 pc
Mushrooms 300 gr
Plav. cream cheese 1 pc
Parsley 1 bunch
Salt, spices, oil for frying
Water 1 l

Prepare vegetables and mushrooms. (clean, wash). Cut the potatoes into small cubes, cover with water and cook until half done. Cut the chicken fillet into large cubes, fry and set aside. Cut carrots and onions as convenient – fry and set aside. Cut the mushrooms and also fry them. Add fried fillets, vegetables and mushrooms to the potatoes and cook over medium heat until done. At the end of cooking, add cubed cottage cheese and stir to melt. Salt, season and bring to readiness. At the end, add chopped parsley. Delicious!

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