Zucchini 1 large (it is better to take a large one so that there are nice, long strips)
Cherry tomatoes 200 gr
Onion 1 large
Creamy processed cheese 1 pc
Butter 30 gr
Oil 10 gr
Salt, pepper, dried garlic, dried basil

Cut zucchini into thin, long strips like spaghetti.
Cut the onion into half rings.
Cut the cherries in half.
Heat butter in a pan, add oil.
Fry the onion until half cooked. Add zucchini.
Fry, but do not stir often, so as not to break the structure.
Next, add cheriki and cubed cottage cheese. Salt, season.
Mix and bring to readiness (so that the cheriki is stewed and the curd melts).

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